Digital event in collaboration with Daniel S. Palmer

2021 was quite a year for art and memes. There were many digital events as well as physical events that received widespread recognition online. We wanted to compile a different kind of “year-end list” of the artworks and events that became cultural phenomena. What do they tell us about the times we live in? 

We selected 8 artworks/stories from 2021:

  • L'Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped by Christo and Jeanne-Claude (Link)
  • Removal of Racist Monuments (Link)
  • The Rise of NFTs
    • Beeple sells for $69 million (Link)
    • Dread Scott, White Man for Sale (2021) (Link)
    • Pak sells for $91.8 Million (Link)
  • Yassification trend (Link)
  • Restitution efforts at Western museums (Link)
  • Frida Kahlo Painting Sells for Record $34.9 million (Link)
  • Take the Money and Run by Jens Haaning (Link)
  • Tate brokers Its First-Ever Deal to Acquire ‘Custodianship’ of an Artwork (Link)

What do you think was the most “meme-worthy” artwork or story of the year? Cast your vote on our tournament bracket on Instagram.

The Meme Kit
A zine on art and meme culture

Published by Cem A. in collaboration with Meme Studies Research Network

Writing by Mira Calix, Naomi Falk and İdil Galip; editing by İdil Galip; design by Ines Barbosa da Costa

It can be found at:

Pro qm Bookshop, Berlin

Project Art Distribution, New York

documenta archiv, Kassel

Buchhandlung Walther König, Kassel

Buchhandlung Walther König, Berlin

lumbung Kios, Kassel

The Meme 500 (Link)
Open call for writing in collaboration with Open Space

@freeze_magazine is collaborating with Open Space to commission writing about art memes. We’re looking for writers who are bringing attention to art memes—whether through the lens of art theory or by placing them within the canon of art history, for example—and present their argument in a short, succinct text. With a suggested word count of 500, we are seeking submissions that push the boundaries of meme analysis and understanding, but written in a way that feels accessible and not overly didactic. 

The purpose of this open call is to broaden the accessibility and understanding of memes and adjacent cultural trends and analysis, bridging issues that may include (but are not limited to) subjects like: feminism, critical race theory, post-colonialism, accelerationism, ecology, etc.

Each winning writer will receive prize money of £100.

Guest Judges: Dorian Batycka and Aimee Dawson

Freeze Dating
Digital event

Thanks to the power of memes, we developed a magic formula to find love. Freeze Magazine will tell you your match via Instagram on 14 February 2021. Just fill out the form and wait for your match. (Applications closed.)

Freeze Dating on The Art Newspaper (Link)

freeze multiverse
Digital community

Join our 500+ member strong online community on Discord.  We have different channels where you can share and find reading recommendations, look at some memes, get feedback on your art or have mini conversations and more. (Closed)


Curated Playlists
Digital exhibition series in collaboration with Andy Marsh

Every 48 to 72 hours, @freeze_magazine will present an exhibition of album covers curated by a guest. Every exhibition will have its own theme and the album covers will be selected strictly by their artwork and not by the music. The series of exhibitions will be presented on Instagram Stories and will remain as Story Highlights on @freeze_magazine’s profile.

The project is inspired by how “curated playlist” became a commonplace term. By curating album artworks, the exhibition series questions the adoption of curation in music. It hopes to bring a “new” meaning to curated playlists. This curatorial project is an initiative to introduce new digital art projects to @freeze_magazine’s international audience. With its reach to 400,000 users every month, @freeze_magazine offers a digital exhibition that can rival physical art spaces and bring more recognition to digital arts.

#Fuck2020ArtFair (Link)
Digital event in collaboration with @artreviewpower100

@freeze_magazine is organising a digital art fair in collaboration with @artreviewpower100. People can submit their artworks using #fuck2020artfair hashtag and we will be featuring their posts on our stories. This also allows the hashtag's page to be viewed like an online viewing room where you can find all submissions.

Art Market est. 2020
Online shop

Art Market is an artist-led design studio, founded by @freeze_magazine. It's based on collaborative projects and equal share of revenue. (Art Market website now became

Instagram Filters (Link)
Digital project